Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I want to dedicate this week truth series to lift the spirit of Nigerians on the hope of Super eagles to be at south Africa 2010,why are things fallen apart for us ,its used to be our power,our education,our banking before and now our football again,to many Nigerians the super eagles are now super chickens,but I want to encourage you not to lose hope,though our chances may look very slim,but I still believe Nigeria flag will fly at south Africa 2010.I don't know how it will happen,but I believe it can happen,never say never.we have put ourselves in a tight corner for God to prove Himself,so that we can thank Him for our qualification,Let us keep hope alive.

what they have to do

1, The players need to play with more fighting spirit,they have the skills,but the fighting spirit is missing.

2, They need to play as a team.

3, They must imagine and have a picture in their mind playing in the world cup.

what we have to do.

1, In spite of all odds,though it may be very difficult to still believe in our super eagles,but we just have to remain patriotic and give them our full support that they can still make it happen.

It is not yet over.

starting from Next week,we will be focusing on the power of the 2nd stanza of our National Anthem.

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