Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am sorry that for the past weeks, I have not been able to update my blog. My schedule has been very tight. Just last week Tuesday, I was at the NYSC camp, keffi ,Nassarawa state to speak to about 1,000 youths Participants at the International Youth week celebration organized by the federal ministry of youth development, It was a new experience and opportunity to impact my generation .I spoke on 2 truths every Nigerian youth must know, i.e Our opportunities must be explored and secondly, Real money is value .My journey to keffi was a one I never dreamt of ,I was only informed like 4 days to the Program to come and share some contents in my book that is about to the out,14 TRUTHS NIGERIAN YOUTH MUST KNOW. But you know when preparation meets with opportunity, success will definitely happen. So I rose to the occasion.

The time came, I was introduced by the MC to deliver my presentation, I quickly did something to connect with my audience, because I needed to do so,so as to get their maximum attention and concentration. I asked everyone to stand and greet each other in their local dialects, it lasted for about 5minutes,It was fun hearing different tongues in the hall, it was like when the holy spirit came upon the apostles at the upper room, it was fun and they were all happy participating in the short exercise.

I also encourage anyone who can recite the National anthem and The pledge in any Nigerian Languages, As many that came out which they did excellently well ,I promised to send them the copies of my book freely to them when it is out.

See you in the second part of this write up,I Will be writing on what I spoke on.Remember,when preparation meets with opportunity,success will definitely happen.SEE U ON TOP.

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