Saturday, August 8, 2009


If my people who are called by my name , will humble themselves and pray and seek my face ,and turn from their wicked ways ,I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their Land. -2Chron 7 v14

The first line of the second stanza of our National Anthem goes thus" O God of Creation",this implies that we are God's people and our nation is a God's own nation. prayer is communicating to God,in other words, it is asking God for something with intense yearning. As our nation faces many challenges,it is obvious that we need a spiritual touch for national restoration and rebirth.because it seems what we are passing through as a nation is beyond human wisdom.

I was listening to US secretary of state ,hilary Clinton,on her recent visit to kenya,when she said "Nigeria is the 6th largest producer of crude oil but the country still import fuel",she does not understand why it is so,neither do I too as a is a sorry situation.I dont understand why we cant explore and refine our fuel,why cant our refineries work?why cant we implement our budget well?why cant we generate our electricity? we have all the dams,gas ,wind and sunlight.but still we can only generate around 3megawatts of electricity. we indeed need God to help us,we cant continue like this.Andrew Bonar once said There is no hope but in prayer.our only hope now lies in our prayers.

fellow compatriots,A t this point ,it is true that we are the most religious nation,we need to consciously and genuiely remember our nation in our daily prayers ,prayers changes things it makes the worst situation to become better.Everyday we should also let our words be positive to correspond with our prayers.If it well with Nigeria,it will be well with Nigerians as well.If God can hear the cry of the isrealites ,I believe He will hear us too,in our own very eyes tranmsformation will begin to take place one by shall it be IJN.-amen

we should pray like this:

A, O God , Guide our leaders’ right

B, O God , Help our youths the truth to know.

C, O God , help us to live in love and honesty to grow.

D, O God ,help us to attain great height

E, O God , help us to build a nation where there will be peace and Justice.


Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.

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  1. Well done Seun! People like you who can see far ahead, know that our great Nation will change. It doesn't matter what we see today, it only matters what we see in our spirits, it's imperative that we position ourselves for the coming CHANGE. This is what you are doing, being part of the change and not just an onlooker!