Thursday, August 13, 2009


For quite some time now.The Honorable minister of information and communication, Prof Dora Akunyili has embark on the project of the REbranding the image of our country ( Nigeria) .

The world has label and brand us 419ners,Drug pushers,Human traffickers,Corrupt People and all sorts of demeaning labels.just because of the actions and inactions of few Nigerians.If out of 140million people ,only few are corrupt ,it does make us a corrupt Nation.

A Nigerian will not be allowed to arrive a country without a thorough security search and security agents will even follow him about till he leaves that country. Nigerians will not be accepted by paypal or clickbank ,the largest payment processor and digital product bank respectively on the internet.

what the world has called or brand us is not who we truly are.

That is our true identity:

Nigerians are Hospitable

Nigerians are intelligent

Nigerians are Hardworking

Nigerians are creative

Nigerians are talented

Nigerians are Trustworthy.

Nigerians are Great people.

This has been proved in so many ways ,where young and old Nigerians all over the world have set record breaking achievements in sports,Arts ,Literature ,Dancing ,computer. medicals, and so on.It is also in record that all over the world Nigerians are the best professionals in Medical,Sports,Lawyers, nursing and so on.

Be a truly Nigerian.Let us all take a stand to arise and truly live who we truly are wherever we are.Good People Great Nation.

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