Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our nation is where we are today because many citizens have been found guilty of the National Pledge,can you imagine a situation where Most Nigerians are found to be faithful,loyal and Honest.Our nation would have been the best place to live in.

Our Pledge is an oath to be faithful, Loyal and honest. Which makes up the basic national ethics of our nation demanded from us, others are Patriotic ,Hardworking and Discipline.:

a) To be faithful is to be steadfast in allegiance at all times.

b) To be Loyal is to be devoted to a service ,cause or a duty without being found guilty: Loyalty according to Revd. Sam Adeyemi is an attitude of devotion to people, organization and to Nation.

c) To be honest is not to be deceptive or fraudulent .To be straight forward in every situation.

The truth we have to know both as leaders and citizens of this great nation is that our faithfulness,loyalty and honesty are demanded.we have to live and abide by it wherever and whoever we might be.Hope you have been challenge by this short write up,i charge you this day to be faithful,loyal and honest.

Nigeria has a great future.

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