Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hope you are challenged by the last week truth series. This week we will be concluding the TAKE A STEP BEYONG YOUR ANGER SERIES.

We want to take a look at some other group of Nigerians who are angry ,also we will conclude it by what to do about our anger for some our economic situation we found ourselves.

The Lecturers are angry too because they feel that the people at the helms of affairs should know better ,like our president ,vice president and the Honorable minister who are all former lecturers, but there attitude shows that they only pay lips service to funding university education.

The entrepreneurs and business owners are also angry too because running their businesses with generators has been frustrating, considering the high cost of diesel, the cost of maintenance of the Generators couple with the noise and poisonous carbon monoxide gas emission. They feel there is nothing to celebrate about our 49th independence.

The employees too are angry because their take home Pay does not take them any longer. Some spends about 60% of their salary on transport.

Should we all be angry? Is it ok or normal for us to be angry? Is their any thing we can do about our anger? The answers are yes. We should not stop at been angry alone; we should all go further to do some thing positive about our anger within our sphere of power and influence. To be candid too, I am also angry about the situation of things in my country, But I took the initiative to write this article to challenge Nigerians to do something Positive about their individual anger. If we all do that, then the process of change has been ignited .God bless Nigeria.

see u next week!

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