Tuesday, October 13, 2009



As we celebrate the 49th independence of our great Nation Nigeria. It is obvious that Most Nigerians are angry about one Situations or the other. Every group of Nigerians has a cause to be angry about a situation or the other. If it is not education, then it is power failure, if it is not sports then it is bad roads and kidnappings. If it is not strike, then it is unemployment, the police and so on. Let’s take a look at what could be the cause of the anger of each group of Nigerians that makes up the population.

The secondary students are angry that they cannot resume school after their long break because their teachers are on strike.

The undergraduates are not happy too because that have been at home for up to four months because their Lecturers are also on strike, and the university are shut, while their counter part in the private universities are in session, to add to it , our President went to open a new university in a far away country also blessed with the same crude oil we are blessed with too.

fresh students who just graduated are not happy too because they cannot be mobilized for NYSC after months of graduation because the nation universities are on strike.

Nigerians are tired of buying fuel for their generators every day, as if they are filling their gallons with water, which no man can do without. It is now a fact that Nigerians buy more fuel in gallons than filling the gallons with water. The abnormal has become normal. God should just help us.

Most Nigerian youths who just completed the NYSC, are angry too because they can’t get the jobs even after years of their passing out. There is some thing we should be able to do about our anger. Becoming angry alone will not take us anywhere further.Should we all be angry? Is it ok or normal for us to be angry? Is there any thing we can do about our anger? see you in the next series for the concluding part.God bless Nigeria!for comments mail to ,dreamnewnigeria@yahoo.com,0803 443 8232


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  1. I agree with you.We are all indeed angry,but the question is what can be done in our own little way to alleviate or combat this situations that has caused this economy a lot?I personally think that we should look beyond our problems and start having a positive outlook,by developing ourselves which will invariably affect the country as a whole.