Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Most times, we blame our leaders and Government if things don’t work. when there are no good roads, no jobs ,no light, no water and even when the environment are dirty ,we blame the government. It is true that Our leaders in Government are some times guilty , but not all the time, You and I sometimes are part of the of the problems. But if things must change and if we have to achieve the Nigeria of our dream, we have to quit the blame game and shift focus to our individual initiatives to make a change.

The truth we have to know is that Great Nation are not made by the Great Government but by the efforts and contributions of Great citizens like you and I. We have to shift our focus to how we can develop and position ourselves to develop our nation Nigeria. You need to ask yourselves the following questions if you genuinely want to become an Agent and catalyst of change in our National Rebirth.

A, what positive change can I make?
B, what can I contribute to make a difference?
C, what business can I start to be self employed ?
D, what opportunities can I take advantage of ?
E, How can I make my dream a reality?
F, what positive steps can I make to actualize my dream?
G, what positive values do I have to offer?

I f you can sincerely answered all these questions, then you will see reasons why you have a part to play in National Transformation .Also a demand will be place on you as an individual to develop yourself to develop our dear Nation Nigeria.

As we celebrate the 50th independence of our great nation Nigeria, make a decision to stop focusing on Government if things don’t work , but rather take up the challenge to look within yourself to bring out a solution.

When we focus on Government for everything, we will only complain ,talk & analyzes problems , see scarcity, challenges, obstacles ,problems and so on. But if we do other wise by focusing on ourselves, we will see opportunities, ideas, change, and solutions and so on. This is the new mentality and one of the truths every Nigerians youth needs to know.

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  1. Do not Retire, but Refire, to Acquire, your Desire which you Admire before it Expires because you have the Messiah.

    I celebrate your passion and believe that The Skt is Ur Starting Point

    More power to your elbow.


    Samson Oyenekan.