Tuesday, January 26, 2010


“We might not all have Job, But we all have a Work to do”

What Job is

- Job is Labour

- Job is what we do btw 8am to 6pm i.e Morning till Evening.

- Job is what you do to survive.

- Job is involve Pay as its motivation .i. e salary or wages.

- Job is Monotonous.

- Job is own by the employer.

- Job is done by the Employee or Labourer.

-Job is done in the Labour Market.

-Job is what we do for others i.e. what the employee does for the employer.

-Job is what one is ask to do.

-Job is what we look for.

“We can lose our Job, but we can’t lose our work”

Now, Let us look at what WORK is,

-WORK is doing or running your own business.

- WORK is a mental effort to bring forth the unseen.

- WORK is an idea that is not in existence before.

- WORK is creation i.e. bringing the Physical world from the unseen world.

- WORK is created by God. By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested a]">[a]from all his work.-Genesis 2v2

- WORK is done by the employer who is the CEO.

- WORK is an assignment design for every man.

- WORK is what we discover we need to do or start.

God created the Garden of Eden; He employed Adam as an employee to carry out the Job of cultivating and maintaining the Garden.


As God’s creation, he has created every man to be involved in a work. He has design man to be fulfilled in his place of work or assignment. The employer is not restricted by time; Location, He or she can work at anytime at anywhere. While the ones who does the Job i.e the employee, must be at the duty post whether He or she Likes it or not. He has no control over His time.

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  1. yes ,doin our work is God's plan for us,he was against the isrealites doing hard labour job under pharoah ,he deliver them to d land of Canaan for them to start doing the work b4 they can get the honey and milk.