Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hope you are blessed and inspired by the last week write up on Job and work.This is the concluding Part.

Like the Israelites, against there will, they Labour for the Egyptians, Pharaoh keep them under bondage and slavery. God had to rescue the people because it was against what He originally Plan for man. He delivered the Israelites just to worship him and to set them free from bondage of Hard labour Job, because their Labouring job did not give them time to worship Him.

In our Present world, the same system is in place, we are told by our Parents to get a University Education degree and Look for a JOB, we need to break away from the Job mentality to Work mentality. Our Thinking have to change.Every one of us has a work to do. Work mentality encourages entrepreneurship. People with Job mentality Blame the economic situation, Leaders,Government, their boss etc. While people with work mentality take advantage of opportunities to implement their ideas.

As thousands of bankers lost their Job, it is a blessing in disguise as it will give some of them opportunities to discover their work. May God deliver us from the Job mentality? It is slavery. Are you doing a Job or a work?

How to break away from the Job Mentality.

1, Think out of the box, because there is no box.

2, Be creative.

3, Be a Risk Taker.

4, Be courageous to implement Your ideas.

5, Be focus, be Determine, Be committed.

6, Be Responsible. Don’t wait for the Manna.

7, Discover,Develop and Get occupy with your Skills and Abilities.

8, Have faith in God,But believe in yourself.

9,Discover your assignment.Because Your assignment define your work.

This is how the New Nigeria we all dream of will emerge ,as many of us break away from Job mentality to become employers, Pioneers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

I Pray a New You will emerge as you break away from Job Mentality.for feedback comments, dreamnewnigeria@yahoo.com, 080 3443 8232

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  1. Well done job unique Seun.keep it up- dora