Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Most times, we find ourselves making comments as follows

• The Government is bad, they are thieves. • It’s about you.
• I have no capital to start with • Start with what you have.
• There are no Jobs. • Create one
• I don’t know How • Browse the internet.
• I am not educated. • Go to school
• I am a Nigerian. • It does not matter
• I don’t have money.• • No, but you have something.
• I am not recognized.• • Recognize yourself, Be relevant.
• There is no time.• • 24hrs is enough.
• I am not computer Literate.• • Get trained.
• There is always power failure. • Look for an alternative

These statements are often made because we are unable to achieve or attain something we know and believe we ought to, or somebody we ought to have become.

It’s so amazing that our generation is so good at making excuses to justify our not been able to maximize our potentials and abilities to the fullest. Some times we make excuses to justify our inability to respond to what we have failed to do. Whenever you hear yourself making any of the above excuses, you know deep down inside of you that you are not been sincere with yourself. The truth of the matter is that you lack the WILL POWER and in some cases the problem of not wanting to extend outside your comfort zone, for instance, if you constantly give excuses about not knowing how to go about a particular situation, then it is most likely that you are unwillingly to learn how to. After all, you learnt how to crawl, eat, talk, and other basic things we know to do now.

Making statement like the Government is bad, is not a veritable reason not to utilize your potentials in contributing your own quota towards National growth and transformation, its all about YOU, and what you have and need to give and not about the government alone. It is not about your skin colour, or your origin, it is your content that matters. We need to know that Black colored balloon too go up if it is filled with air.


Our generation is so blessed with so many resources like the internet, mobile phones, facebook, laptops, blackberry, twitter and so on which we can use to advantage. We just have all what it takes to achieve all what we need to achieve and maximize our Potential.

In this 21st century, we can learn any thing we want to learn under the earth with just a click on the internet .We can connect with just anybody anywhere in the world through face book. We can read any book on the internet to get adequate knowledge to solve problems. We are inexcusable!

We should Stop manufacturing excuses start manufacturing solutions, ideas to be relevant. Until we stop making excuses, we won’t be able to make any meaningful impact.
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