Friday, July 2, 2010


As I was pondering over what to write on this week. I remembered a story in the book of judges 9:8-15.Which I think I need to share with my readers. It is a great message on Leadership, Values and service.

There was a time that all the trees decided to make one of their own, king over them. The trees then went ahead to the Olive tree to request of him to be their leader. He replied and said “Should I leave my fatness which is used to honor God and man”. They further went to meet the Fig tree whose reply was the same as the Olive tree. On and on they went moving from vine and fig trees to seek their opinion on the issue, but all had same response to give.

It was only the Bramble tree that had a different response out of all the tress that was approached, he decided to take up the position of the king, with the condition that he has to be served by all and whosoever refuses to serve him will be dealt with accordingly.


The olive, fig and Olive trees had the following in common:

A, They were already adding value to God and man.

B, They exhibited leadership qualities.
C, They were proffering services especially in their area of call.

D, They were meeting needs.

The bramble tree on the other side had the following characteristics:

A, The bramble tree wasn’t adding any value to God and man. (The bramble is a thorny short plant that only produce fire to terrify and consume other trees).

B, The bramble tree wanted every other tree to subject to his authority, He was a dictator and a ruler and not a leader

C, The bramble tree wanted other trees to come under him, as such limiting their abilities to his own abilities.

I believe you can learn a great lesson from this story about Leadership and service. The bramble attitude is a typical example of what goes on in our nation and in the Africa continent. We define leadership with Position and Title as against Service and Value adding. We believe that it is until when we are given a title or position that we can lead appropriately, whereas the essence of leadership is service which the Vine, Fig and Olive trees all exhibited.

The Vine, Fig and Olive trees provided something that is useful to both man and God, where as the bramble is not adding any value. He is selfish and only wants to intimidate other trees like most African Leaders do.

Remember leadership is about adding values and meeting needs through creative and productive thinking. Are you providing any services? Are you meeting any need? Are you solving any problem? If yes, then you are already a leader in your field. Very soon, you will find yourself in a Leadership Position. SEE U AT THE TOP.

THANK YOU FOR READING.Your comments are welcomed.


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