Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This week I will be sharing with you a conversation I engaged with my new friend, which we can all learn from. Some few weeks ago at the restaurant, I met a young man, a graduate of geography and town planning. I overheard this young man telling the guy sitting beside him that he is frustrated, he said how can I as a graduate not have a meaning job , at a point I don’t want to interfere in their conversation not until when he said ,even if he has opportunity to smuggle cocaine out of Nigeria, that he does not mind to be involve.

I can’t but share my thoughts with him that he does not need to be involved in such illegal act.

We engaged in the following conversation.

Unique seun: I ask my new friend , what if you are caught by NDLEA? He could not give a straight answer. I told him you will spend the rest of your life in jail, which is not the best for you.

My new friend: He said in this country that one need connection to make it but unfortunately , nobody is willing to help.

Unique seun: I agreed, but I ask how prepared are you for this connection? Hmm, He ponders on it for a while. I gave him a scenario, which goes thus, what if by chance you meet with the minister of housing. As a graduate of Town planning and Geography, what will you put before the minster? Do you have a business proposal? Do you have a business card? I told him an exchange must take place before he can get anything out of life.

My new Friend: I have an idea of rural housing Estates.

Unique seun: fine, have you put it in black and white?

My new friend: No, I have it on my head.

Unique seun: Hmmm, I told him point blank, you are not yet prepared, that what you have not put in black and white, you have not yet believe in it, and you cannot work on it or take action on it. I said the bible is so powerful because it is the written word of God and same goes for the constitution of any nation.

My new friend: Hmm, He nodded in agreement.

Unique seun: I said success only happens when preparation meets with opportunity. I told him, now that you are not yet employed, you have the greatest opportunity to sit down and think your way out of your present situation. I told him he has a great future ahead of him. That he just need an idea to access the wealth of the land.

First and foremost, I told my friend, he should never put money first in what ever he wants to embark on, because at first ,you will not always have enough to start something.I said this is the key, You need to ask yourself these sincere questions, What can I do well? What do I have passion for? What am I good at? What do I have now to get what I want ?

After about 35minutes of our discussion, my new friend was encouraged, he reversed the statement he earlier made that he will get himself involved in pushing cocaine. He admitted that he made the statement out of frustration, that now, I have helped him to see things in a new perspective and I have given him a new understanding. He thanked me and said I am God sent.

Dear reader, our words are powerful. We may not have all the money to give to people around us, but we have the power of life in our tongue. Let us watch out for people around us who are frustrated and discouraged, lets spend some few minutes with them and share some word of life with them. My new friend went away challenged and inspired to start something. I see my friend in the future becoming a CEO of a big corporation or a big businessman in Real estate business.Remember a candle loses nothing by lighting other candles.

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  1. Great! I agree with you 100 percent.People just want to wallow in self pity instead of them to take control of their destiny,Poverty is a choice as well as Affluence is too.