Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hope you can still remember the guy who won 10million naira in the MTN Who wants to be a millionaire show? He got to the show with zero naira but He left with a 10 million naira ultimate cash prize. During the course of this write up ,I will remind you of the guy’s name and why was he able to win the 10million naira just like that within 30mins of sitting on the hot seat.

Meanwhile, Let me start by establishing this fact that everybody want money, but very few get it ,because only few have what it takes to make money.

Money is not what one pursue, it is what one attract- Fela Durotoye

By the way, what is money? It is a medium of exchange .It is a legal tender.
Lets take a trip back to history,Before the use of money. It is the Trade by Barter system that was in place, which is an exchange of one item to get another item which has the same proportion of value. E.g. 10 tubers of yam for 10 tubers of cassava, during that time, everyone must have something at hand to be exchange for another item from another person at any particular point in time.

What is then REAL MONEY? It is simply VALUE. It is not the paper note. It is intangible. It cannot be seen with the naked eyes. It cannot be touched. Value only be seen with the mind but it can be felt.

Life is indeed buying and selling, it is a natural law. So in life, to get real money, one must either have something of value or do something of value in terms of services. Value is an intangible resources or wealth which must be converted to tangible wealth.

Intangible wealth in form of value are


The guy who won the 10million Prize money on MTN show is Aroma Ufodike , He won the cash prize because there was an exchange, he knew something in terms of knowledge which is value. The value of what he knew helped him to win the 10million he won. He came there with his intangible wealth and exchanges it for MTN 10Million naira. So simple!

It may surprised you that what the yahoo yahoo boys, kidnappers, militants , armed robbers are looking for is real money but they don’t have something of value to earn it.

So to be relevant, beyond been employed you must have something of value ,which must be converted to a tangible wealth, by packaging it in a business plan, proposal ,services etc. then automatically real money will flow in your direction. See you at the top as you are on you way to make your millions. Discover something of value you can sell to your world today.I look forward to hear from you.
God bless you. God bless Nigeria !

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