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There is a quotation by Abraham Lincoln made when he was a young lawyer in Springfield, Illinois. He said, I will study and prepare myself, and someday my chance will come.

In my own words, I see success like an occasion or an examination we must prepare for.

Lets Ponder a little bit, what comes to your mind when you hear the word success? What then is success?

Success is simply achieving set goals or getting what we desired.

Success is having results i.e Positive.

Success is also becoming who will dream or desired to become.

Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to have more, be more, do more, and enjoy more of what life has to offer. Everyone wants to be successful. But very few people want to engage in the rigorous hard work, hour after hour, month after month, and year after year, that is required to prepare themselves for success.

You too, want to be successful. You want to be a big success in life. You want to develop your potential to the maximum. You want to be everything you are capable of becoming. You want to make all the money you possible can and enjoy the finest standards of living that you can achieve. You want to earn the esteem and appreciation of all those people around you whose opinions you care about. The way to be successful has never changed. Success requires preparation.

Preparation and Opportunity

Author and speaker, Earl Nightingale said that if a person does not prepare for his success, when the opportunity comes, it will only make him look foolish. Youve probably heard it said repeatedly that luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity.

It is only, when youve paid the price to be ready for your success that you will be in a position to take advantage of your opportunities, when they arise. And the most remarkable thing is this: The very act of preparation attracts to you, like iron fillings to a magnet, opportunities to use that preparation to advance your life. You’ll seldom learn anything of value, or prepare yourself in any area, without soon having a chance to use your new knowledge and your new skills to move ahead more rapidly.

See you in Part two of this write up as I write on what are the things to do in getting ready for Success.


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