Tuesday, December 21, 2010



There are a series of things that you can do to become ready for success. All of these activities require self-discipline and a great deal of faith. They require self-discipline because the most normal and natural thing for people to do is to try to get by without preparation.


Success most times are not attain at the beginning and at first attempt. Sometimes you have to keep on doing what you believe in until a desired result is achieved. To increase our passion for success ,a lot of faith is needed as we prepare for success i.e a strong believe in our actions towards fulfilling a set goal.

Preparation also requires a lot of faith because you have no guarantee that your preparation will pay off. You simply have to believe, deep within yourself, that everything you do of a constructive nature will come back to you in some way.

You have to know that a good effort is never wasted. You have to be willing to sow for a long time before you reap, knowing that if you do sow in quality and quantity, the reaping will come about inevitably with force of a law of nature.


In preparing for success, one of the very best questions that you can ask yourself, continually, is: What can I do, that if done well, will make a difference in my career? Your ability to honestly appraise yourself and to identify the particular skill area that may be holding you back is critical for your future success.avoid those areas that you dont enjoy because youre not particularly good at them. It requires faith and character for you to admit your weaknesses in a particular area and then resolve to go to work to develop yourself so those weaknesses dont hold you back.


One of the greatest changes that has ever taken place in our society happened in 1989 when the world changed from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. We are now living in an information-based society. Because of the internet and other technological advances more than 60 percent of the working population is in the business of processing information in some way.

This means that we now are living in a knowledge-based society and you have to be a person of knowledge if youre going to succeed. To succeed you must be able to work with your mind, your mental talents and abilities. Gone are the days of laboring in the factories and the mills.


In a way your thoughts are connected with your success. You must first succeed inside your thoughts before you succeed in the physical world. Today you can succeed only by thinking, and the more effectively you think and the better prepared you are mentally, the more productive and positive youll be.mind you, if you must think, think out of the box, think possibility ,think creative.


One of the most important things you can do to prepare yourself for success is to set aside one to two hours each day to read something uplifting. It will amaze you that He who does not read is not different from him who cannot read. Read material that is educational, motivational, or inspirational. If you spend at least one hour each day investing in your mind, taking in mental protein reading good books, business magazines, trade journals, and newsletters.

See you for the concluding part as u get prepare to succeed in 2011.

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