Monday, January 23, 2012


Only an insane person will keep on doing the same thing and expects the different thing.

Welcome to a New Year. If the Year is indeed new, then something has to be New, Different or change. It Can’t Be Business As Usual

In a New Year ,everybody desire to experience something new and better in terms of blessings, good standard of living, more money, Promotion, Progress and more. You can bear me witness that life could be boring when all these benefits are missing. But the irony of it is that not many will want to do something new differently to achieve a Different result. This write up is to challenge you to do or start something new in this NEW Year and Also to back Up Your expectations with more commitment. Truly there are no new expectations; it’s just the commitment that is not enough.

Sincerity to yourself this year is a criteria needed to make this year a rewarding one.

Below are 8 QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF that will help you:

1, How best can I Please or Serve my maker i.e God?

2. What bad habits do I need to replace with good ones?

3. How can I make, manage and save more money?

4. How do I disciple, impact or be a blessing to someone around?

5. What can I do for God that I have not done before?

6. What steps, Actions do I need to take in 2012 that I did not take in 2011?

7. What can I do to personally develop myself e.g. reading, more education, computer skills etc?

8. What areas of knowledge do I need to acquire e.g. finance, spiritual, relationship, marriage etc?

9. Do I have set GOALS? If YES are they S.M.A.R.T GOALS?

After you have answered these questions within the first 2 months of 2012 so as to help you reposition you to take advantage of every opportunities the year will be offering you. I pray that 2012 will be one of your best years.

God bless you.

Unique Seun

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