Thursday, February 2, 2012


Have you ever imagine yourself been a millionaire .You can be one in 2012. I mean you can hit it big time. All you need is a million dollar idea. What is that one thing you can ask God for in 2012? ………………… Could it be a brand new car, A visa to U.S, An admission to HARVARD,A job in a multinational company etc

If there is anything you can ask God for is to give you an IDEA and the ability to make it a reality. Joseph did it; he presented a million dollar idea in form of a Proposal to Pharaoh on how to preserve grains for the next 14 years. The king bought into it and Joseph life experience a turn around.

One morning, I tune to silver bird T.V, low and behold I saw Mr. Ben Bruce talking about His Proposal to the Government title THE BEN BRUCE PLAN: Subsidizing the Poor, A $500 million intervention fund for Transport. He is just asking the F.G to invest $500 Million Accrue from the Subsidy to the Transport System which will make Taxi/Bus Drivers’ owners of Taxis/Buses. So I now understand why People like Mr. Ben Bruce are on top of their Game in the society because they have an IDEA. What is your idea? What can you propose to the Ministry/Government to partake of the Subsidy fund or the Budget?

Do you already have an IDEA? Never ever despise it. This year provides you another opportunity to sell it to Potentials investors like F.G, Ministries, State Governors, Local Govt. Chairmen, YOUWIN- , commissioners, C.E.Os, School Owners etc. Have you ever thought that FACEBOOK is someone IDEA? Mark imagined it, He worked on it and become a reality and He is a Billionaire. Your IDEA is one thing that can connect to you to your fortune in Life.

By the way what is an IDEA? First Think Of The Heaven And Earth. You know what, its God’s idea. Heaven and Earth has never existed before, God created it.

An IDEA is a New Innovative way of doing something or a products or services that is new, faster, better or smaller and can add value. Four things are common to every IDEA, it must be original, it must create value, solve problems and people can pay for it.

Think and pray to get a million dollar worth of IDEA in this New Year.

Remember, No matter how hard you pray for blessing or breakthrough, the best God can do for you is to drop an idea in your mind.

UNique Seun Adeagbo


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