Tuesday, June 12, 2012


With  heaviness of heart. I am writing this write up in memory of Pastor Akin Olumodeji of House on the Rock ,Abuja .Though I have not met Pastor in person before Passed on. I only saw his name on the manifest of the Dana Air Crash.

The service that was held in his memory last week prompted me to write these few lines. Though, I was not physically present at the programme but I watched a clip of the Program on NTA News. And what thrilled me on the short clip was when the video of the last message Pastor Akin preached in the church, my faith leap and I give God praise for the kind of Life He lived, for the first time I saw him in the video and He ministered to me even while he is no more.

A lot of lessons to be learnt, I was able to watch Pastor Akin because he Acted his part in Life .We are all Actors in life. To live our life as actors in life we make us to remember for something. Pastor Akin wont forgotten so soon, I learnt he was one of the brains behind THE EXPEREINCE, popular Gospel show which has hosted many local and foreign Gospel artistes.
A woman of God I still hold in high esteem even after her death 6 years ago was also a victim of a Plane crash. Till now still impact life through the singles and married Programme on Television Stations. She acted her part in life within the shortest time she lived.

The time to act is now .God has given each of us Grace to do a unique thing in Life. And heaven keeps record of every of our actions on earth.

Can you imagine your funeral? Can you imagine what people will say after you are no more? People will talk about the part you acted in Life.To discover the part you are born to play in life, I will encourage you to read this life changing book-titled- THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE BY RICK WARREN

The best way to act our part in life is to pour our life into others. The great investment in life is in people. The greatest man whoever lived, Jesus Christ acted his part in life, what about you? Your script is waiting for you to be acted on by only you. You may never know your  last moment on earth you have the opportunity to act.

May souls of Pastor Akin Olumodeji  and  others who died in the Plane crash rest in Peace. Amen

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